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Originally posted by doodle2
I might not have noticed, but... where is the changelog between build 2124 and final?
I didn't bother posting it, sorry.
It's only been 5 days, and the only changes are for bugs/issues that were reported in the 5.54 beta thread.

That all said and done, there's a bug in build 2145 with the Dutch installer

We'll probably be uploading a 2147 build shortly (which will also include a few other minor fixes that were committed since 2145). Details to follow.

Re: Bento skin
It's been discussed time and time again ever since 5.5 release.
It is a SingleUI skin which uses/requires all Winamp components.
It isn't going to change.
If you don't like it, your options are to use the Winamp Modern or Winamp Classic skin instead, or even one of the 3rd-party cPro or classic Bento versions (sorry, I don't have links for them at hand).
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