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yet most issues only arise when running 'live' so if we cannot replicate issues under testing (as was the case with a number of the issues which were finally able to be fixed as part of this release), then it often does require having to install on a 'live' setup.

and yes issues can happen, but any of the builds we've sent out to people for testing could have been released as a 'final' build and so the line blurs on what is 'final' and what is not. i understand your point of view as it comes up all too often that unless it's on the main download page, it won't be touched. but then people also won't update unless they know an issue is definitely fixed and so an impasse arises.

however, it's best practice to get confirmation that a bug is fixed before pushing it out to the greater number of users. hence the last 5 months of lots of testing that has been gong on with those willing to use builds not marked as 'final' but in most cases could have been released as one, is what has led to the lengthy changelog for this release (which is now more work than went into the 2.2 release which itself was a hefty update compared to prior releases).
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