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Hey DrO, nice work on the new release, glad to see theres a bit of activity again.

I had a feature request I am hoping you might be able to look at, I assume it should be fairly easy:

Can you guys look at making the Stream Title etc (Multi) so you can specify 1 per encode.

This would allow in our instance specifying the bitrate in the title as well like My Radio (32Bit) My Radio (64Bit) etc.

Also I recommended maybe changing the IRC protocol to use the new irc:// standards?

Would be great if those could be implemented.

I'll check out the new version see if it fixes my main problem, I had reports that it was causing glitches for some mobile device players.

I had one of our listeners report issues with listening to the AAC stream from his Android device. He said it made a "glitch" sound.

I removed the transcoder from the equation and streamed AAC directly and he said it fixed the issue.

Any idea, is there a slight issue with the way the transcoder streams AAC that makes it not play nice with some devices?

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