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Silent install with parameters

I would like to create an installer that runs silently but allows a network administrator to distribute to users with certain installer parameters pre-defined. I'm not referring to the install folder, but actually user parameters. For example, if my installer allows a user to pick Option A, B and/or C during the normal installation process, if I were to run this in silent mode, I would still want to define, perhaps in a command line, whether a user is installing with which option, or perhaps the word "All" for all three.

I would create the scripts to receive these parameters or arguments and automatically install the program with the proper options, so that the user doesn't have to decide for themselves.

In a network/corporate environment, there may be different types of users that need different options, but I'd want the silent installer to handle each one appropriately.

Can this be done? How would I pass in these options as part of a silent install process?

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