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Taskbar Text Mod ATF: Show Radio Station Data?

Recently I began using Dr. O's neat plug-in with great success (thank you, sir!), but one issue has me stumped. My ATF string is:

[%artist% - ]$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))

This works perfectly for local music files. However, when I play a stream from a Web radio station, only the URL shows on the task bar. This occurs even when the station details are shown correctly in the Winamp playlist pane and the songticker. In other words, my ATF string in the Titles tab gives different results than the same string in the Taskbar Text Mod dialog. This was a surprise.

Thinking that %streamtitle% might be needed, as a test I put that alone in the taskbar ATF. Unexpectedly, this caused the button to be completely blank, whatever was playing. At that point, I was out of ideas. I would be grateful if someone can post a sample ATF string that will show station info on the taskbar button.

I'm using Winamp Pro 5.61 and Taskbar Text Mod 2.0.1 on Vista Home Premium.

Doug M. in NJ
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