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Docked Winamp messes up menus in Mp3tag and FreeCommander

I could write once again what is happening- but what I already wrote on the Mp3tag forum is sufficient

So please check out this particular post in the middle of discussion, as it has newly made screenshots with a thorough description:

I also constructed a menu exceeding vertical screen height in FreeCommander later on- which also was messed up in a similar way []. So it seems that this is not a fault of third party software, but of Winamp and / or the operating system. And this has been happening [at least in Mp3tag] for years now [since the time I noticed that is, which was when I exceeded the available vertical space]

I use:
Mp3tag 2.88e [free]
FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public [free]
Windows 7 x64 SP1 [somehow not free]
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