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Heres my current setup at the moment in hopes it will help in troubleshooting the monetization issues I'm having.

- Using the WHMSonic v2.30 plugin for WHMCS v86.0.16 installed on a VPS.
- Using the current version of SHOUTcast Server / v2.6.0.748/posix(linux x64).
- I setup AutoDJs for all stations inside of WHMSonic.
- Using SAM Broadcasters Pro to play and stream the music, while using Shoutcast v1 for encoding out of SAMBC to WHMSonic AutoDJs.
- I added 5 songs/ads into SAMBC and edited them to 120 seconds (2 minutes) and used the PAL script provided by SHOUTcast to play the ADs every 45 minutes.
- All songs/ads have Advert: in the title and artist fields.
- When the songs/ads play this shows; "Advert Trigger: - Advert:" in the "Playing Now:" section.
- when you hover over; Active DNAS+ Stream, Monetization Enabled.

Really not sure what's going on, I've set up my settings for monetization just as everyone else has. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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