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Winamp main window location lost on 4K monitor

I never had this problem until getting a 4K monitor. Now, every time I load Winamp, it remembers which windows are open, their location, size, etc., except for the main window (you know, the window with the play, pause, stop, etc. buttons). It always starts in the wrong position.

I have the following 3 windows flush with the top edge of the screen, spanning all the way across the screen: album art (left corner), main window, and playlist editor (right corner, spanning to bottom edge of screen). Below the album art and main window I have the Media Library, spanning to the bottom of the screen. The album art window is bigger than the main window simply because if I make it any smaller, it might as well not be there. The main window unfortunately cannot be resized height-wise, so there is a "hole" between the main window and the media library.

Whenever I start Winamp, the main window's top edge is flush with the Media Library's top edge. I move it to where I like it (probably 200 pixels up and 100 pixels to the left). When I exit Winamp, that's where the main window is. Then when I restart it, it's back to the old wrong position.

Also, while I'm on the subject of 4K monitors, it doesn't seem that Winamp adjusts to them correctly. The main window menu bar, interface buttons, etc. are so small I practically need an electron microscope to see them. (the menu options are fine, but the menu bar itself is tiny)
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