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Originally Posted by Nitorami View Post
Hi Litheon
now that the source code of MD2 is available, wouldn't you want to get your hands on it ?

I'm seriously thinking about it.
I started already looking into the code.
But at the moment I have sometimes the problem of keeping my motivation up.
Like, why am I doing this ... aren't there any alternatives that people rather use...

For example at this moment i'm looking at shadertoy.
It seems very popular at the moment and you also have music visualizations:

It is crazy what people can make with a simple shader

Although most of the examples of shadertoy run pretty slow on my computer.... And chrome chrashed a few times when watching at the examples ... so you cannot call it a mature technology at this moment.

So, it is not a real alternative at this moment, I know, but maybe in the future ...

Also programming in spare time needs to stay fun ... nobody want to become frustrated as lol It is not worth it.

But if there is enough enthusiasm .... but it will take a month or 2 (or 3) of spare time to rewrite everything, in order to switch to a more modern api. And for example the first step will be adding the extra rendertargets as Geiss mentioned in his "future plans" post.

There is also of course.
But it seems that they are more concentrated on their Android and Iphone ports: (3 dollars)
They don't seem to add new functionality to the official projectm project.
I can understand this decision.
With those mobile apps you can maybe make a little bit of money on the side ... nobody wants to pay for a visualization application for your music player on your pc for private use. I hope they give some credit to the preset makers, making nice presets is the most difficult part of a music visualizer! But hey, maybe in the future we can do a mobile port of "milkdrop 3" too, why not

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