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merging is not an option as too much stuff expects year to be just that.

the library 'fields' are generally based on what's common between ID3v1 and ID3v2.x and what ever has been determined as useful for Winamp / general needs. that is why 'date' is not stored by default or available alternatively as an alternative field.

and where it's showing it in the alt+3 dialogs, etc, that's probably a bug as it doesn't conform to what's expected (where it should just by the year component) with the usage of %year% in the ATF support.

so something probably needs to be done about it all, but this is low on the list of things to consider (other than being added to the tracking list) and if anything, ensuring %year% just shows a year would be the better thing for things at the moment with the option of %date% maybe coming later on (though that is heavily dependent upon the tag format on the file(s) even supporting it to begin with).
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