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Originally Posted by mjbrown View Post
Hmm...when browsing by Just Added or Recently Modified, I only get listings for 2943 skins and 966 plugins. Where did your additional ones come from?

What about visualizations? Looks like there are 2779 of them. Have you archived those?

Did you save the complete comments (or any comments) for each plugin page? The comments on each plugin/visualization page are paginated, dynamically loaded 5 at a time via JavaScript.

To anyone else archiving... you may have noticed you can change the value of the "winamp_cookie_addon_page_limit" cookie to set the number of skins/plugins/visualizations shown on each page when browsing. 3000 is too high, but 500 works...much better than the linked limit of 36.
1. I don't know, its a bit weird... the file says the same numbers as you did, however i got more folders than that in the actual dump folder...

2. I haven't saved the visualization so far, but I can easily do that.

3. No comments saved, too much effort, I don't think they are worth it.

4. Yup the cookie trick works, however it doesn't really matter to the program how many pages it has to process.
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