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This terrible thing with the name Quicktime...

In 2011 I had kicked him out, because he had made only trouble and nothing else. Because of him I had to do the rebootings very often, because suddenly he had appeared, while I was surfing with the Internet Explorer, and he refused to disappear. I didn't have known about the Task Manager yet. I don't know, why on my Workstation PC I saw in the Start Menue "Install Real Player" and "Install Quicktime", but my PC is from August 2009 and in July 2010 I connected my PC with the internet the first time. I didn't know, which trouble I would get later.

In 2011 I had tried out also Safari, but I refused to install iTunes. After my PC got 2 new harddrives in July 2013, Safari didn't come back onto my PC, but my "Winnie" had returned (I gave him this new name, because I love him so much, my husband Frank is not jealous). I have to fetch the hearts from another thread now... ♥♥♥♥♥ Also he really has earned the 5 stars... ★★★★★

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