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The crime and violence had increased also in our street in Berlin-Neuk├Âlln and it had spreaded also into the houses. I am really afraid, that suddenly I could be attacked outside near our home, stabbed or shot. I cannot count anymore, how many psychologic consultations I had to take already. But also my body makes problems, not only my psyche. My panic attacks together with hyperventillation and tears are based also on these problems. The hospital at day is waiting for me already. And now also the management for all houses wants to get rid off us, because as long-time tenants we have become unprofitable.

I can understand You, that You have left Berlin. Also my husband Frank wants to leave Berlin. I myself always wanted to die, where I had been born. But maybe in my next life I want to be born in another European country, in the North, maybe in the Land Of The Saami. My images with Lonely Landscapes (without humans) speak for that.

And the TV news in rbb, ARD and ZDF are full with Rigaer Strasse...

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