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hmmm, and yet, there are atleast two ways to do almost anything in the skin..
you can click the "buttons" in the LCD, ASWELL as the normal buttons to toggle the same stuff, ASWELL as using the normal right-click menu..
every single button in the main/baby/stick window will show a "tooltip-like" text in the songticker to tell you what they do. All sliders in those windows will also continously show the values in the songticker when you scroll them.
All buttons and sliders and switches etc have tooltips implemented.
and so on..

plus you have the tips window to help explaining things even more.

I thought things like that made it very very very usable and by far more usable than any other skin in the competition.

how many skins can you say give as much help and explainations as d-r does?
not a single one if you ask me, not even the default modern skin offers as much help as d-r does, nor does mmd3.

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