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Okay I just downloaded the alpha release 1.33a8

*The transfering of movies to the iPod does work now. Got pretty decent speed at 6000 kb/s.

*The autofill still causes Winamp to close. I can't even hit print screen quick enoughto see if it says anything. (Also what exactly does autofill do?)

As for my playlist request. Yes, take an already formed M3U playlist and just transfer it to the iPod. Because I have the same files on the hard drive and the iPod, I dont see why it wouldn't work. But then again I know the iPod will be looking for the songs in different places.

I'm very impressed by this plugin and the dedication you have towards making our lives easier. If you need some hosting, I'm more then willing to help. I can host your updates if that is becoming a problem for you.
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