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Originally posted by Amaiznblue50
*The autofill still causes Winamp to close. I can't even hit print screen quick enoughto see if it says anything. (Also what exactly does autofill do?)
Ok, I digged a bit deeper. The crash happens with the default settings for Autofill ("Fill whole albums only") and when there are songs in the library that have an empty "album" value. That is why I've never seen the crash: I do not use the "Fill whole albums" setting.

It is fixed now (hopefully), a new version 1.33a9 is up.

BTW: Autofill is used for small iPods (Shuffle, Nano) to fill the available space with randomly selected songs. So you will probably never need it, as you have all your songs on the iPod. But it would be nice if you gave it another try, simply to make sure that it doesn't crash any more.

As for my playlist request. Yes, take an already formed M3U playlist and just transfer it to the iPod. Because I have the same files on the hard drive and the iPod, I dont see why it wouldn't work. But then again I know the iPod will be looking for the songs in different places.
Yeah, that is actually the problem. After transfer to the iPod, the files are there under completely different names and directories. No way of getting back the original filename.

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