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You can find a bunch of my personal presets on my account at deviantart: http://a-musing-discordian.deviantar...lery/#Milkdrop

On your question how to view a single preset or a selection:
You can lock the automatic preset change by pressing the [scroll] button on your keyboard.
Then, while running the visualization, you can browse the presets by pressing the [L] key.
If you want to have only a selection of presets to show up, you can put them in a separate folder.
By pressing the [R] button you can also switch off random order - by numbering your presets you can then determine a cycle. you can still switch to the next presets in the locked mode by pressing the space bar. But for full control without having the menu in the screen you can start Milkdrop in the VJ mode. You can find the option somewhere in the configuration settings. The VJ mode opens a second window to load and edit the presets.
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