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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
just to be clear, i was suggesting at least two links, each a useage case. one for dsp and dnas only, and one for dsp, dnas, and transcoder. (i can't tell if u plan to ultimately drop the second one or not?)
well currently there's not much for the DSP since that should be simple enough to use (which i know is naive based on the support posts about setting it up, hence some of the ui / handling changes i'm looking to make for the next version like making 'user id' be a 'dj / user id' option which is usable in v1 mode as well to remove the dj:name setup (which seemed to confuse people).

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
if i could suggest something, it would be that each entry where the user inputs something be verbosely explained as to why/what it is, and if it is mandatory or optional, and if the dsp has to have matching info.
well that is what the upper right part of the config builder is meant to do though a lot of it was pulled from the docs which probably isn't a good idea for some of the options. hence what i've shown in the DNAS setup version screenshot which has a more specific block of information for the 'server port' option in this case.

Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
I think it might be better to combine the two versions into one where you'd have like a JavaScript written floating div that acts as the "wizard" where it fills in the original Config Builder options as it advances per page. This way you have the ability to do-it-yourself and a "wizard" way all in one package instead of trying to maintain separate versions, and, of course, code reuse.
aye, trying to keep it simple + maintainable is the main thing - hadn't thought too much about it so good suggestion on a layered div over the top. splitting out the existing config builder to make just a reduced DNAS specific version probably wasn't a good idea on the maintainability aspect, but then that is intended as a quick setup and go so it's better that is just targeted for what is needed (which is what's in the screenshot, common stream options is enabled, summary of what will be set and then confirmation of it being saved or not, with info on what to do to get the authhash afterwards).

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