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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
There where still a tiny bug in the migration routine. You should re-test it with v1.7.9. I did the following and it worked, i.e. playing sound continued with the new device:
  • Changed the default device in System Control -> Sound.
  • Playing Sound continues with the newly configured device.
  • Physically plugged off this second device.
  • Playing Sound continues with the former device.
Strange, it doesn't work for me This is what I did (see the log):
- started playback in winamp
- manually disabled the device (right click) in System Control -> Sound (there's no other device is present in the system!)
- wait a bit (till buffers will be empty)
- reenable device (right click) in System Control -> Sound
- winamp stalls (no crash, that's awesome!)
- pushed the stop button then start button -> playback starts perfectly

Maybe the key is that there isn't any more device just 1? (There are more audio devices in my OS but all of them are disabled.)

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