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Originally posted by Krash

Looks like you're running in 16-bit. Which is pretty unfortunate. I've tried some things to get it to at least look watchable on 16bit, but it either goes bright white, or bright pink. very ugly.
Can´t be. I am using a Kyro II (AGP, 32MB), which uses internally 32bit rendering. So it does not make sense to switch to 16bit (no or little speed increase). Actually I can´t believe it. Every other preset I know looks perfectly.
I think I judged you a bit wrong. I am sure that most of your presets are really cool, but I am not able to watch them the way they should be watched.


You could always invest in a tnt2 card - you can get them in pci if you don't have an agp port, and they're dirt cheap now. Could at least give you 32 bit colour until you can afford a proper upgrade.
The only Nvidia card which will ever invade my system is a GF4 Ti (or better ), which I can´t afford. So.. I have to stay with my Kyro. I love this card, and this is the first time I ever have problems with.
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