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Winamp v5.08

Destination Folder = D:\Locker\Mewzik
Naming Convention = <Artist> - <Album>\## - <Title>

Encoder = MP4 (AAC) v1.0
Quality = 192 kbps

Sony Viao
Centrino 1.7 GHz
512 RAM
Windows XP Pro
DirectX 9.0 I believe


Receiving the message "Can't open destination file - Aborting". Earlier solutions didn't help, any advice?

Edit: Noticing a previous poster pointing out trouble with ellipses, well the CD title is "Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today...", maybe that's the problem?

Edit #2: That's what the problem was. NO ELLIPSES IN SONG/ALBUM TITLES FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!

Edit #3: "Error - Can't open temporary file!". Fork. Still not working.

Edit #4: Uninstalled, Reinstalled, no errors. ^^

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