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Originally posted by ffejdb
I'm with dragon wolf on this one. The file names are short. No one at Winamp seems to know what to do.
No-one at Winamp can reproduce the problem, unless...

1. The specified Destination Folder doesn't already exist

2. You've chosen some unconventional/illegal Naming Convention structure, as in riccid's case above

3. The "Artist\Album" folder or "Artist\Album\" file already exists, and is possibly in-use/locked or has the read-only attribute, and therefore cannot be overwritten

4. There's an ellipsis (...) at the end of the album name, or some other non-conventional/non-latin/illegal characters in the artist/album/title tags (always check the cddb CD Info details before clicking the Rip button). Also see Known Bugs. Note that it is a Windows issue where it cannot create a folder with "..." at the end, and not Winamp to blame. But yes, I agree that if there's any illegal/unconventional characters in the folder/filename structure, then Winamp should automatically remove them, or replace them with eg. underscores...
Update: Note, this particular issue was resolved as from v5.093 and later.

5. You're using a 3rd-party mp3 or aac/mp4 decoder (input plugin) which does not support Winamp's CD Ripping feature (eg. the buggy MP3Pro plugin is known for this)

6. Some other concurrently running process is locking the cd drive and therefore blocking Winamp access to it... which is why we ask for a HijackThis log.
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