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Originally Posted by SSJ4 Gogitta View Post
A few more books:

058 Safehold, Book 02: By Schism Rent Asunder by David Weber
059 Safehold, Book 03: By Heresies Distressed by David Weber
060 Safehold, Book 04: A Mighty Fortress by David Weber
061 Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
062 The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie

Yes. That Hugh Laurie.
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What's this? An update? Okay.

063.....Alex Cross, Book 01: Along Came A Spider by James Patterson
064.....Old Man's War, Book 01: Old Man's War by John Scalzi
065.....Simon Canderous, Book 01: Dead To Me by Anton Strout
066.....Greywalker, Book 04: Vanished by Kat Richardson
067.....Greywalker, Book 05: Labyrinth by Kat Richardson

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