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It has already happened between XMAS and New Year...

Frank and I have many enemies, mostly unknown persons, who themselves see us as rivals or just have a joy, if they can damage us. I think, the artists have to live with such problems. And many artists had to experience already, that suddenly their works had been destroyed by unknown enemies.

After the last TV-News and the dinner Frank went to bed. I was on the couch, took the Beyerdynamic DT-990 headphones and started Winamp on my notebook. I know, why I use no loudspeakers. We don't disturb the neighbors. How many times do I have to say that again and again?

In the night suddenly the police rang at the door. An unknown person had called them and told them, we would make loud music and sing very loudly. Nothing was true. Also since August 2011 I am not in the mood anymore to sing. And professional choir singers have to stand on the stage, not sit, if the voice should be loud enough. If there would have been loud music from another leased apartment or from one of the next houses, then Frank and I would have heard that. There was nothing. It was totally silent.

I remember now another Electronic Musician and friend from Facebook, who has similar problems. I had mentioned him already here in this thread (but not his name, I don't do that). He had said in one of the radio-chats, that maybe Electronic Musicians are unwanted in his district. More than only one neighbor are trying again and again to get rid off him, but also he himself uses only headphones and no loudspeakers. And I remember, when my parents were alive yet, I had to visit the offices of the doctors very often, and I heard Classical Music on an Acoustic Piano from one the private leased apartments. Maybe it is true, that Classical Music and Mainstream are accepted without problems, and we are refused, because our music-taste is not Mainstream.

We live since 22 years in our environment, and although the crime and violence has spreaded also into our environment and has increased more and more, we never had such problems before.

I just wanted to relax a little bit without disturbing somebody, and of course my mood was in the basement...

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