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Originally Posted by Coreldavid View Post
ok, that worked. I know see this.

<07/21/10@01:23:41> [SHOUTcast] DNAS/win32 v1.9.8 (Feb 28 2007) starting up...
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] loaded config from C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast\sc_serv.ini
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] initializing (usermax:32 portbase:8000)...
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] No ban file found (sc_serv.ban)
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] No rip file found (
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] opening source socket
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] source thread starting
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] opening client socket
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [source] listening for connection on port 8001
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] Client Stream thread [0] starting
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [main] client main thread starting
<07/21/10@01:23:41> [source] connected from
<07/21/10@01:23:42> [source] icy-name:Gully Radio: Freshest Hip Hop And R&B ; icy-genre:Rap
<07/21/10@01:23:42> [source] icy-pub:1 ; icy-br:48 ; icy-url:
<07/21/10@01:23:42> [source] icy-irc:#shoutcast ; icy-icq:0 ; icy-aim:N/A
<07/21/10@01:23:42> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 0)[L: 1]{A: SHOUTcast Directory Tester}(P: 0)
<07/21/10@01:23:42> [dest:] connection closed (0 seconds) (UID: 0)[L: 0]{Bytes: 8192}(P: 0)
<07/21/10@01:23:43> [yp_add] added me successfully

but why do I not see my station? on
Outstanding!! You got there. It can take a while (sometimes as short as 5 min, or as long as a couple of hours) to actually appear in the YP directory.

But that's a flawless logfile. Congratulations.
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