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Artist Information from external source?

Hello everyone!

I work for a radio station and we have had online streams using ShoutCast for years now. Recently a law has come down that requires us to show artist information on the songs we stream online. I'm trying to figure out how to do this.

To feed our online streams we split the audio going to the transmitters, into the audio input of a PC running ShoutCast.

This gives us an online audio stream that works perfect, but the artist information is never sent to Shoutcast. It says that "DJ Mike Llama - Llama Whippin' Intro" is playing. Obviously this is just the default song in winamp and not my music.

I have the Title and Artist information fed from our stations control PC's (they run STORQ if anyone is familiar). So this information is sent from the Station PC's, out COM1 port to our transmitter. So everyone gets this information in their cars.

So the question: How can I route this RDS Serial data into ShoutCast (and ultimately into TuneIn)?

Thanks for the help-

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