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Thanks for your feedback fester i am starting to realise that i just simply may not be able to use SC for this, the frustating thing is that it very nearly almost works, i think it must be some server set-up/mime type thing. I am using apache 2.0 with PHP 4.3 on RHL 9 if that is any use to any one.

I havn't tried the ghetto method my site is going to use MySQL as the backend for user authentication, content management etc. and i would like to integrate the streaming with everything so i didn't end up having to make sure that the usernames/passwords in the txt file for SC match the username/PW in MySQL for the rest of the site.

The problem with Windows Media Services is that you have to run it on a Windoze box and i rent a Linux box for hosting i need a *nix solution.

I have also tried Real's Helix Universla Media Server, which is easy to use, works on Linux and seems to work well and is stable. The problem with it is that the free version only allows up to 1Mb/s transfer or 10 listeners whichever is reached first and you have to pay $3000 to go up to 4Mb/s and even more if you want more bandwidth. Also the authentication only works with the real player client whereas this proxy script seems uses standard http auth requests and seems to work with most players, problem is i can't get it to proxy correctly.

I have though about doing something based on the RIP list but it reads the RIP list into memory when you start the process and you have to send the server a command line signal to get it to read it again. Whilst you can issue Unix command line commands from PHP i am not sure how well this method would work under heavy load.

Anyone else suceeded in doing a MySQL based auth system, it doesn't have to be bullet proof i don't want to charge for access to the stream i just want to get people to sign up to the site before they listen to the stream.

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