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@ Lys

The new Shoutcast browser includes ALL available streams (currently ~13,000), whereas the old one was limited to 1000 max.

The listener count/popularity thing is being done away with.
We want the listener to decide what they like and want to hear, instead of ust browsing in sheep mode. We also want to give the smaller/newer stations a chnace to be listed and heard.

There's options to sort by Name, Bitrate or Type at the top of each Genre results.

Ok, Listener Count is now back. woohoo, heh
For those who switched back to 5.13 since 5.2 initially went out, see here.

@ all: Right-click for Enqueue or Play context menu
(left click defaults to Play, ie. wipes your playlist)

I'm not allowed to post direct links to those installers, heh.

@ all:
Also, note the new AOL MusicNow icon/offer on screen 5 of the installer options
(only appears for users in USA)
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