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The new shoutcast browser seems to be nice. One thing I noticed: When searching for the channels of the station I am not able to find any channel besides the classic and the 60's-80's rock channel. In 5.13 the Best of the 80's channel, I'm listening to it right now, was listed as well. I didn't search for the other channels,...

Another thing: I searched for "sky fm" and "" and both gave different results. That is very annoying as I would expect that "" would be included when I search for "sky fm". An advanced search-dialog would be nice so that finding specific stations becomes easier. As a suggestion the search engine could ignore the dots "." just like, for example does.

Another thing: the sort by bitrate, name,... header at the top of a genre listing is not allways displayed. This happens when a genre, say "retro" (sorting header ok)is displayed then anotherone, say "dance" (sorting header ok)and then "retro" again (now the sorting header is missing).

A post that belongs in the Bug-Report forum?
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