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Thanx for reply but no solution yet.
AVIcodec>filters>direct show>list:
...Nero digital audio dec.
...dicas mpeg4 audio dec. (after mpegable installation)
...and about 100s more filters but can't find something like "AAC audio".
GSpot lists only the Nero filter.
Also tried the:
MP4 Input Plugin (for Winamp2/5) 2.1 beta
"This plugin decodes .MP4 and .M4A files as well as AAC, PS AAC and the newer HE ACC profile included in Nero 6.0 and can be considered a correctly working replacement for in_mp4 included with Winamp 5" ( they say)
Now the problem is yes-audio (full functioning seek,dsp), but no-video as mentioned in my topic above, before adding "MP4" in DS filters' list.
Some more help if possible?
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