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After installing Ffdshow (20051027 version from free-codecs site), when I try to ryn Winamp it gives me this error:
"Winamp.exe Error 0xc0000005 Application failed to initialize. Press OK to terminate the application". Or something like that, in Greek.
I uninstalled all "third" codecs (Divx, Xvid, 3ivx, Dicas) but still same problem.
Without Ffdshow everything seems fine. Maybe some configuration needed? Too many options, but...
All I need is a stable codec to be able to play mp4 (Nero digital recoded) files in Winamp. The ones above I tried so far didn't do that much.
-Win XP
-Winamp 5.111 (Same problem with prev versions)
-Ahead, Cyberlink and Pinnacle codecs installed (never had problem with them present)
-MP4 added in Dshow list
Any advice accepted.
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