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Originally Posted by cuddles71 View Post
Ok, I'm testing drop 6, and while it's streaming properly, I've got a few errors in the log, and a few things I'm not clear on.

1. Has the calendar.xml changed format?
My old calendar.xml had entries like this:

<event type="dj">
<dj archive="1">bacon</dj>
<calendar starttime="10:59:00" duration="02:00:00" repeat="1" />

The new testui shows "undefined" for each DJ in my calendar though.
Not that I know of.


2. In the testui, I'm still not getting the VU Meter images. Just a broken image placeholder. What should I set the vuimagedirectory to?

You should probably used the absolute path to the directory with the images. AT sc_trans startup you will see either an error message about not finding the files, or an indication about the number of files loaded. Also, it could just be a browser compatibility issue. The vu image push uses an old continuous image push mechanism that may be deprecated in your browser. The vu.bin weblet command is a more reliable way to get VU information (see docs.txt)


3. I'd like to set the streamed metadata for each track from my playlist to just "Artist - Song," but even after setting what I thought was right (%R - %N), no change on the stream.
Could you be more specific about what you set and what you are seeing.

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