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i asked some friends to test it, but they didn't get any problems (well, i'd love to test it myself). i replaced my ram since this first came up and i tried various disks including ssd, harddrives and ramdisk (hence i'm using $MyTempDir instead of $PLUGINSDIR). i have another windows 7 (32-bit) running in a virtual machine (same problem) and also windows xp (where i NEVER get this problem.) i'm going to install windows 7 on vmware on my laptop and see what happens..

further, i've tested various nsis builds (standard and longstr)

it's interesting that there have been reports regarding CopyFiles and windows 7 on this forum, though i didn't find a case that really crashes the installer.

having found the exact line where this problem occurs, i wonder if it could still be caused by something else. not sure what i should be looking for.
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