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Originally Posted by {_trueparuex^} View Post
I think you have a heap corruption issue here. The crash.log shows it crashes in ntdll.dll with memory access violation which I think is probably result of heap corruption. If this is the case you probably also get crashes with exception code 0xc0000374 (STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION). And the cause for heap corruption would be most likely a third party plug-in.

hmm, so it's probably TextReplace as i've assumed before. i don't want to go back, as this plugin performs MUCH better than any functions or macros i've used before. i tried contacting instructor before to ask if he plans a unicode build, but i never heard from him since. so if plugin causes the crach (i don't want to blame the plugin, but i'm pretty sure it's causing this) it's probably never going to get fixed.
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