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I had ~ 20 000 files assembled over the course of 2 decades

But starting 3-4 years back I had trimmed it down to 15 000, while still adding new ones. As it turned out I had unbelievable amount of crap [on all of the possible accounts: of boring composition, weak vocals, too low compression quality, messed in the studio version of a mix]. But I only discovered this when I really started to listen to the music. And I still have to go through half of what I got. And I know I have too much

I mean: what sane person wants to have dozens of days of listening material? How often do such person gets to listen to some song on average? With my current amount and assuming I listen to music 8 hours a day, in theory I will need 78 days to get back to that track I just had from my Playlist Of Everything played by Winamp for me
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