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Well, bear in mind that an "upgrade" to Winamp3 is not actually an upgrade, since Winamp 2.XX and Winamp3 (now known as Wasabi Player) are two entirely different products. Winamp 2.9 was actually released after WA3 for that matter.

If you plan on giving Wasabi Player a shot, I'd download the
Very first build given the new name.

Some features have been stripped from that version as I recall. I don't remember AVS being in there, but I could be wrong. If I were you, I'd give it a shot for yourself and see if you like it, not rely on others opinions.

By the way, please do not crosspost. I've already replied to your question regarding the names of the song and the artists, in the Winamp 2 Discussion forums. Try to hold it to one thread.
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