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Originally posted by Kebabrov

Small suggestion... if you have a root with lots of files, and DL is set to show files in subfolders, it says 'Loading...' for a long time when winamp is starting. During this time, you cant use winamp. Any chance that this could be put in another thread so that winamp can catch up (and then disable the DL window until it finishes, to easily prevent any crashes)
Yes it's a great idea...but it would require tons of re-coding...*yawn* Is it really annoying? I only have 2000 mp3s and it takes about 1 second to scan so I haven't thought about it...sorry
Also, when winamp starts minimised (from closing it while minimised), none of the windows are visible except DL, until it has finished 'Loading...'. Maybe set its window state before it is shown. [/B]
This is something I will fix tomorrow though

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