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I see what you mean badrad, i also would like less windows.
But i think the playlist is un-replaceable (exept maybe when D. Dro extended pled will come), and as like you said f.i. jtf and more pled. right-click options wouldn't work without it. And how would we use DL as a playlist, browsing and switching views? i think that would get very complicated. I had high hopes for the single GUI skin, but then i have to wonder will it be compatible with plugins like DL and Extended pled, or would these plugins be compatible with single GUI? I mean, when we use DL instead of ML, and we will use D. Dro's pled instead of the default, again we'll have a couple of windows more I think for now unfortunaly all we can do is wait and see what will come in the future, and still hope there will come a skin, plugin or whatever that alows to combinate different plugins or windows to work together in one window, like the single GUI skin does.
Making DL a ML plugin would be a good step in that direction tho, but it's up to joonas to do so or not, and as he said, DL should be finished as it is first.
As i can think that should happen soon now, but then again, i've had that false impression before
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