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I'm not sure wether this is the right place to discuss all this. I mean: Joonas is making a plugin to easily access your music collection. It has a good search function, nice playback features (enqueue and play, enqueue after current) and it supports playlists. To use DL as the CURRENT playlist is a different thing, imho. And very complicated to code, I think.

The single GUI idea is very nice. You may have noticed that iPlaytheSpoons has been gone for a few weeks now, and the skin needs some work. It's up to him wether he'll support integration of DL, not Joonas. The extended playlist by DrO is something that will take lots of time before it's usable, so not something that's actually relevant at this very moment.

There's also the idea of integration in ML, which I think will slow down both ML and DL. But it's another idea again. Implementation/integration is very nice in the end, but integration into what, when, etc. The idea of seperate windows in Winamp is that every user can use what he wants to use. Implementation automatically means the user is forced to use the other part as well. Imagine the playlist editor integrated in DL, after that plex comes out and you'll have two windows again, or maybe you'll be even unable to use plex. And what about using ML: will that be possible with the current playlist in DL? Will it interact correctly? Very hard to code, I think.
Skins are the best way to dynamically integrate windows, imo (like Single GUI).
I think the most important thing now is to release a stable stand-alone version of DL (I think it's already stable now, btw; maybe some tweaking to do, I don't know).

This post isn't meant offensive or something. Just had the feeling Joonas got confused (? ) and gets requests for something that isn't part of the original idea of the plugin.
In the end, hopefully plex will be a cool plugin in which lots of plugins can be integrated. For now, I think the Single GUI is the shortest way to get what you want (if iPlayTheSpoons supports it, off course).

Good Winamp plugins by Joonas, DrO and shaneh.
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