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I have an espresso machine, so I like a "breve" (a latte with half and half instead of milk) a lot. I've been known to drink straight espresso. I like that if I have some chocolate. This time of year I like iced coffee. 4 shots of espresso and water do the trick there. I don't like anything in it usually.

Normal coffee is too weak for cream and sugar so I always drink that black.

To stop heart palpitations, which 2 of my latte's will cause, I drink a lot of decaf too. I probably drink as much decaf as regular.

A few months ago, as I took a 40 gallon leaf bag full of pop cans to the store, I decided I wasn't buying any more pop. I still get the occasional energy drink, but you'd only find 2 cans in the reefer along with a couple kinds of fruit juice, some lemonade, ice coffee and sun tea. Even with more expensive fruit juices, I think I'm saving $20 a month by not buying pop. I think my waist line saves 10 pounds too, even with cream in my coffee.

Coffee leads to Heroin......Fact....What?
Hmmm.... coffee and some good grass... maybe there is a connection

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