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Love the Winamp android App!
Wifi syncing with Desktop is brilliant! -- great UI for managing device library!

Few issues though --

Win 7 clean, Winamp v5.59 build 3033 Beta
Nexus One, Android 2.2, Winamp 0.9.1 Beta

Issue 1. Unable to delete music files on device
- using desktop Winamp, using library, right-click a track on my device
- select "Remove from Device"
- Click OK when asked to Confirm
- Progress bar quickly completes
- Track is not removed, still in library, still on device

Issue 2. Manual deletes on Device do not register in Desktop Library
- Delete tracks from Device
- Winamp Desktop must be restarted to show changes to device

Issue 3. Wifi syncing tracks from Desktop to Device slow
- Sync Appears to be fast when Device Winamp is running foreground and Device screen is kept "awake"
- Sync Appears to slow when Device screen sleeps
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