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i try, but doesn't work, i open the ports of the firewall, and start it.

The coder & the login doesn't work however...

The player says than i must -1 the port i use and open them both, you tell me i'll do +1, both situation failed.

i try to cast from every single one of them, but nothing happend

i try to log-in through index, but just the DNASv2 port open the index.html, i try however to access from the others, and i must say than they don't respond, however the not response come in different ways, now the port 8003 (set +1) is taking longer than usual in coder, but can't have access in index, port 8002 (set -1) have the issue of "longer than usual" but the DNASv2 Work like a "charm" -but still don't let me login-

In every case i restart the server with the new configuration

SAM Encoder just have a longer time but all of them was thrown out eventualy, even when (set +1) 8003 than takes longer than usual, for one moment i think it would work, but don't.

Any ideas?, i gladly tryes

Thanks again

PS: if any question, just ask it

PS2: the "(set -/+1)" wasn't placed on the sc_serv.conf like writed on it, but i check both theorys changing the port of the "portlegacy" stuff, this was writed "portlegacy=xxxx" been "xxxx" the number of the port of choice, this was added to sc_serv.conf.

PS3 & PS4: Sure, i'll play a little bit with both, but sadly i don't have any money to purchase them, and the games are just overpriced here, (i hope this don't cause any console lover hate me for this comment xD)
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