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there is _no_ need to specify portlegacy (unless you need to change the port being used for legacy i.e. v1 source connections) as it's enabled by default i.e. portbase and portbase+1 are always attempted to be used.

there should be no problem with getting SAM 4.2.2 to connect as it would connect as a v1 source and unlike people still keep thinking, you can connect v1 and v2 sources to the v2 DNAS (it's only if you want multiple v1 sources that you need to adjust things firther which v2.2.x enabled via portlegacy/streamportlegacy options).

and based on all of the prior threads (which is making this a mess to follow what has / hasn't been done), i wouldn't be at all surprised if an existing DNAS (or even Icecast instance) is still running and which is causing the issues.

so if portbase=8000, you enter 8000 in SAM and it should automatically know to connect to 8001. you _don't_ have to mess around with the port settings or guessing what the port actually is as _all_ v1 sources are meant to know that they'll be connecting on portbase+1 even though you enter portbase.
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