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after some reading, and some retrys, i redone all the config process AGAIN, but then the problem repeat itself, and the problem is according to shoutcast console, someway, somehow, the server accept me the config file JUST ONCE.

If i turn it off and restarted by a second time HE CAN'T FIND IT! for some reason, aparently i must set the +x permission to the user who i want start the server EVERY SINGLE TIME I WANNA START THE SERVER ON THAT USER, and of course it must be setted through root.

But that's not all, each time i wanna run the server through console, it show me this:

(i write this on terminal): ./sc_serv sc_serv.conf

(and return me this) :2014-02-16 14:22:57 WARN [CONFIG] Could not find 'sc_serv.conf' looking for config file to load ...

(and then, a little down the hill, he doesn't found it and abort the entire operation)

But the funny part is, i enter the folder where the sc_serv is, and there is a sc_serv.conf, like there was one before than i replace by the creation (the last one before that was made of

so... any idea how to stop that?

About the login... i guess the problem is gonna solve instantly after i finish with this one, because that would explain why i can't loggin, because someway, somehow don't wanna load the file.

But common, continue telling me than i'm a "Ear pig" or so... but i don't see you confronting this problem, the guy with the problem on the screen is me, so you can continue with the "Ear Pig" stuff and related or you can help me, i preffer certainly the second, personaly love more the solutions than the shitty talking about them, don't know, maybie is just my way of work & be.

Anyway i solve it right away, there was a file missing than wasn't created by the builder, at least don't remember a single question about it or something...

The Flash Policy don't exist, i must create it but after that it'll fix

Thanks a lot for everything

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