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if sc_serv.conf is in the same folder, then you don't need to specify it on the command-line. the DNAS will automatically load sc_serv.conf if it can find it in the same folder i.e. just do ./sc_serv or ./sc_serv daemon (as that was one of the ways you seem to be using it).

i don't know what keeps causing your issues and i never said to use '', just '' for getting the DNAS configured (as that just creates what is needed and not other things - and is why it is the recommended method to use as per the docs).

as you should also have done chmod a+x sc_serv in the install folder under the user wanting to be used. and from the sounds of re-reading you post above, i'd have to suspect there's a permissions issue with the account you've created as you shouldn't have to redo the permissions everytime if it's been setup correctly.

and i was not calling you a name. my use of 'managing to make a pigs ear out of getting things working' is a term of phrase in that with the lack of exact details and not knowing what you're doing, there's now been multiple posts and you're really nowhere nearer having it running than makes sense for any of the setup issues i've seen in the last 3+ years. however i'll follow your wish and will not continue is this thread now.
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