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... because there are no Windows Updates anymore for Windows XP.

In 2017 Windows Vista will be the next Windows Version and in 2020 also Windows 7, which will not be supported anymore. It would be a nightmare for me, if I would have to use Windows 10 some day. I didn't have tried it yet, also I never had tried Windows 8 / 8.1 as Windows Versions.

In 2004 Frank and I had bought 2 computers with XP. In 2007 the first one had died and in 2015 also the second one.

I myself never would have known to where new .avs-files should have been copied and pasted, because there are more than only one folder for these presets.

I am focussed very much on Milkdrop 2, random textures and desktop wallpapers, but also on SUI-Skins.

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