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Also I myself have discovered the .ape-files in the folder "avs", side-by-side with the .bmp-files, and I don't know, which job do the .ape-files do. And there are 2 subolders for the presets, "Community Picks" and "Winamp 5 Picks". How should the user know, to where should the new downloaded presets go?

After on my PC I had installed Winamp also on my notebook, and I saw AVS, also I had recognized one of the presets, which appears also in one of the videos in my following YouTube-Playlist (by Sternenmaschinebine), "MAGIX & Ableton & FL Studio & Propellerhead", and I have just discovered, that my URL in my file "SabineKlare_Journals_Exerpt.txt" does not work anymore, I have to check out, what did happen, maybe I have only to update my .txt-file and nothing else.

In our life Frank and I had cancelled the contact to a few people, who only wanted to dictate our life. One of them has tried to dictate also our music-taste, and we ourselves can decide, what we want to hear, also if it is not Mainstream. And of course such people never are allowed to touch my computers.

Fortunately my channel itself still exists...
and that's strange, now I have compared the URL of the playlist, and the URL is correct... Maybe I have copied it into Firefox wrongly, and today I am very nervous, because I am also called away from the computer very often...

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