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Video 15 & 16 in my playlist are not the videos which I had meant. Unfortunately Video 17 & 18 had been deleted by YouTube. I don't believe, that the user would have done a copyright infringement, because usually the YouTube Electronic Music Composers don't do that. But sometimes musician-accounts are hacked.

Also I myself am very late. On 22nd July 2010 I saw Winamp the first time, on my own PC. In the Nineties my many former real contacts didn't have a computer, and because so many people simply had dumped us, I had to learn everything alone. I wish, I would have seen Winamp also on someone else's computer at least once in my live, in real with my own eyes, not via YouTube.

So I had learned to know especially Milkdrop and not AVS.

I hope, that someone will be around the world, who would be able to give a resurrection also for AVS...

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