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Really, if it were up to me for all you old OSers (please excuse the term, much easier to say than all you users out there looking to run Windows 98 or Windows XP, or possibly something even earlier)...

What I would do is make VMWare your friend. I've done it with a lot of legacy PC programs that I fell in love with (Elf Bowling is taken VERY seriously around the holidays in my house).

Anyway, just make a VM of your favorite OS and purchase any computer running any OS that you want. Open your old VM to get your beloved programs back. This takes away all of the security risk and keeps you current and not clinging onto 15 year old computers and hardware.

As an example, I currently run MacOS 10.10 and have a Windows XP VM on my mac that I use to run Elf Bowling and Winamp.

I started the VM back in 2008; it's been through a lot of different Mac OSes and a lot of different mac computers ... but the VM remains unchanged...
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