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sc_serv crashing, can't see why

My stream has run for a few years with few problems. However, sc_serv has been crashing lately, that is to say, the process terminates. No smoking gun in the log files. Sometimes crashes 2x per day, but then sometimes it goes a week without crashing

Here's my setup

Dedicated machine, not virtual
i3-2130 3.4 GHz, 8 GB ram
DNAS Version:
Platform: posix(linux x86) [Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS fully up to date]

I have open files (ulimit -n, ulimit -Hn, & ulimit -sn) all set to 100000

here's sc_serv.conf

password=[password redacted]
adminpassword=[password redacted]
streampassword=[password redacted]
;streamadminpassword=[password redacted]
streamauthhash_1=[authhash redacted]
streamauthhash_2=[authhash redacted]

The ONLY things I see in the sc_serv logs are things like these

[timestamp] ERROR SRC sid=1] SHOUTcast 1 source connection denied for user (Îú °ÈMMS  NSPlayer/; {33715801-BAB3-9D85-24E9-03B90328270A}; Host). Bad password:Îú °`MMS 

[timestamp] ERROR [SRC sid=1] SHOUTcast 1 source connection denied. Bad password: œ+<M

Looks like someone trying to connect as source but being rejected b/c they don't have the password, and they are trying to connect some oddball port

These happen about once a minute, or maybe once every other minute, different IPs

These are coming from about 10 ~ 15 different IP addresses, most in the US, some in Canada, a sprinkling from Europe and Japan

The logs do NOT indicate that one of these occurs at the instant of the crash. There is **NO** log entry made when sc_serv crashes, so I do not know if the crashes are related to these or not.

Looks like someone trying to connect as source but being rejected. Bunch of strange non-ASCII characters in the log string that come out here on this thread as  . Are these some kind of probe? Or some kind of attack?

Any thoughts anyone? Why is crashing where before it seemed very stable.

Please note I have tried DNAS v some time ago, and it just crashes. My stream is 48k and seems unable to deal with that. I've posted here about that elsewhere. So, because I can't get to work, I am using which has worked fine for a long time.
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